1 Simple Healthcare Marketing Strategy To Increase Practice Revenue

People Together-1I’m sure you’ve heard – and felt – it all too many times. With the current healthcare economy, overall physician reimbursement is going down. To stay ahead of the game, you need every competitive edge possible. Of course, having a professional company manage your day-to-day operations is the best way to increase your overall practice revenue and streamline processes. Effectively managing your revenue cycle is one surefire way to increase your practice’s revenue by upwards of 20%. Another way to increase revenue is by using a powerful, proven healthcare marketing strategy and we can help you start implementing it today. Make sure you read about this very important revenue generator and we'll even give you some products for free! Who wouldn't love that?

Connect With Your Patients

Here it is. Connect with your patients by formulating an attractive email patient newsletter. An email newsletter enables you to keep in touch with your patients and keep your medical practice at the top of their minds. Patient loyalty and retention is absolutely critical to running a successful practice! Most everyone uses email now – from adolescents to the elderly. Getting permission from patients to email them from time to time is not an uncommon practice, however, some practices may feel that sending emails is an unorthodox or impersonal form of medical marketing. This is no longer the case. Letting your patients know that they will receive only beneficial information and never anything of a personal nature will comfort them. Of course, sending an informative patient newsletter should never be in lieu of the traditional, personal phone call.

Stimulate Your Patients

Create content that stimulates your patients and will entice them to share your newsletter, leading to potential future patients. In addition to earning valuable patient referrals, it is an extremely effective way to foster stronger relationships and increase loyalty. Statistics suggest that 85% of patients enjoy receiving and reading their patient newsletter.

What Should I Include?

Examples of newsletter subjects include updates to your practice, reminders to nurture wholesome habits, share best health practices and advice, and even healthy recipes and exercise tips to ensure your patients stay in top-notch shape. You can also use your email patient newsletter to inform patients of certain Disease Awareness Months. Including particular Disease Awareness Months can assist you in your practice’s disease management initiatives. For example, including information about Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Colorectal Cancer Screening Month or Lyme Disease Awareness Month will allow you to proactively urge your patients to get a mammogram, colon cancer screening, or Lyme disease diagnosis test and will help you increase overall revenue, and more importantly, save lives. After all, isn’t that why you worked tirelessly with little or no sleep in order to earn your medical degree? This constant communication will show your compassionate nature, increase your practice’s credibility and let your patients know that you want them to not only be healthy  but remain healthy.

One More Thing...

Don’t forget to send a personalized newsletter to fellow colleagues. It will reinforce your current relationship with them and maximize your patient acquisition efforts through increased referrals from those same colleagues!

Tell Us!

What creative ideas have you seen in patient email newsletters? We'l love to hear your thoughts!



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