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Prime Document Management

Prime Document Management is a progressive document capture solution engineered to combine productivity, automation, and stability that can be used in a standalone settings, as well as in an enterprise setting.

The Advanced Data Indexing feature allows physician practices to store any practice management related documents, such as:

  • Fee Tickets (Office, Labs, Hospital, Nursing Home)
  • EOBs
  • Correspondence
  • Medical Reports
  • Patient Statements
  • Referrals
  • Bank Deposits
  • Accounting (Deposit Slips, Bank Reconciliation)


Revenue Cycle Management (Billing and Collections)

Many practices have implemented Electronic Health Records. However, most still manage either all or some of their RCM process on paper. PDM ensures that the information required for accurate billing is collated, stored and transmitted to your biller securely and efficiently.

Batches are tracked by provider, location, date of service or any other fields you may want to use for indexing. You can scan or upload fee tickets, referrals, supporting documents, etc. The receiving party will be notified and can use the Image Viewer functionality of PDM to review all the document data and process your claims for submission.

If you provide services in multiple places or varying places of service, the application allows you to tag the documents for easy identification later.



Utilizing PDM for accounting documents allows you to provide financial information to your billing team or accountant in real-time. Deposit slips and bank reconciliations tied to billing reports ensure that you are receiving the cash that your practice management system is reporting. Balancing payment postings with your bank statements allows easy tracking of missing deposits or payments in transit.


Medical Reports

PDM allows you to ease the transition from paper charts to an electronic health records system. Indexing the documents to the patient ensures you never have to track down the chart for follow-up requests.

Many payers require providers to submit certain medical notes for reimbursement. While the use of an EHR enables your billing team to easily forward the required documentation, most practices manage much of their revenue cycle process in paper form. PDM allows you to gather and securely the required documentation.

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