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Operations Consultant

Operations Consultant

Job Title: Operations Consultant. Location: National Harbor, MD

Role And Responsibilities:

The operations consultant performs as the project leader responsible for the successful planning, scheduling and completion of multiple operations planning and improvement projects. Serve as team leader directing and or coordinating the work activities of staff members. Utilize a structured methodology to analyze organizational systems and processes, to make recommendations for operational improvements, and to coordinate implementation of changes, working through individual and team approaches. Work independently with varying degrees of supervision.

Duties And Responsibilities:

Communicates effectively with administration, department directors, project leaders and team members on a regular basis to ensure effective project outcomes. Maintains databases to support client and organizational performance improvement and benchmarking efforts. This could include both operational and clinical databases. Employ keen critical thinking and analytical strengths, complemented by advanced understanding of industry standards to interpret various methodologies and healthcare laws.

Provides decision support to administration, department directors, and managers to support planning and operational decisions. Designs and generates reports by determining the client's needs and by collecting, organizing, and analyzing data.

Utilizes various software applications including spreadsheet, database, report writer, graphic, and statistic packages. Utilizes a systems approach to conduct operational analyses of organizational or departmental systems and processes, applying various techniques.

Participates in the design and implementation of operational improvement strategies and monitors effectiveness. May conduct educational sessions related to statistical process control. Maintains professional growth by participation in educational programs and professional organizations and activities to maintain knowledge of current trends, practices, and developments.

Acts as project leader, coordinating and supporting the work of a project team. Develops project approaches and prepares detailed work plans for the successful and timely completion of projects. Conducts research and other preparatory activity prior to initiation of projects to ensure state-of-the-art approaches and solutions to problems. Informs manager of project status.

Establishes clear organizational structures for assigned operations teams, including responsibilities and accountabilities of individuals. Meets deadlines and performance goals. Ensure effective internal communications both within the operations team and across the organization.

Ensure effective external communications with clients, vendors and supporting entities. May conduct educational sessions to train client personnel on the use of specific systems, process improvement and quality management tools and techniques.

May assist in conducting additional sessions in support of the management development program of the clients. Maintains regular communication with management to identify and plan for upcoming organizational changes impacting operational efficiency. May perform other duties as assigned or requested

Necessary Attributes:

Self-directed minimal supervision required exceptional oral and written communication skills people management and team-building abilities ability to prioritize, plan and execute creativity, self-confidence and flexibility proficiency with word processing, spreadsheets, database, power point, and graphic presentation software sensitive to the dynamic interplay that occurs between systems and clients critical thinking and analytical skills willingness to travel (required) with potential for extended-stay assignments away from home location maintain courteous, professional and effective working relationships with employees at all levels of the organization.

Qualifications: B.A./B.S. In related field minimum of 5 years in healthcare management field ability to travel is required must be proficient with microsoft office applications must possess a high level of professionalism

EHR Trainer & Implementation Specialist

Role and Responsibilities

The role of the EHR implementation specialist is to be responsible for implementation, configuration, training, and re-engineering of practice operations to support the successful adoption of an electronic practice management and electronic health records software. The EHR implementation specialist, in partnership with team members and in line with the project plan, will interact directly with the physicians and physicians' office staff to design, configure, test, train, implement and support the use of the EHR software.


  • Participate as a key member of the core implementation team charged with successfully implementing and supporting an EHR system by becoming a subject matter expert in the functionality of the electronic practice management and electronic medical records software.  Certification may be required.
  • Serve as the main point of contact and application subject matter expert for the physician offices during the implementation process; on site go-live support and post implementation phase, including optimization.
  • Analyze and document the requirements of a physician's office and clinical workflow as they pertain to the implementation of electronic practice management and electronic medical records software.
  • Analyze and report on the requirements of a physician's office as it pertains to the adoption and adherence to government and other incentive programs and compliance programs.
  • Prepare recommendations and/or alternatives that address existing and potential areas of improvements in physician offices operations.
  • Redesign existing workflows to leverage the EHR/PM application and document, review and train future state workflows.
  • Design and configure the electronic practice management and electronic medical records software in the most efficient manner to support the physicians' office requirements and future state workflows.
  • Create, utilize and implement customized training curriculum to train and instruct the physician's office staff on the use the features of the electronic practice management and electronic medical records software effectively.
  • Document implementation decisions and configuration approach
  • Directly and remotely support the physicians and physician office staff in the use of the software.
  • Participate in the planning, design, development and deployment of new application modules and enhancements to existing applications.
  • Perform in-depth tests, including unit and integrated testing.
  • Utilize the call tracking software provided to adequately document issues.
  • Correctly status and prioritize issues.
  • Resolve issues directly and remotely utilizing training and provided documentation.
  • Follow established escalation and notification procedures.
  • Provide regular status updates to project manager for all assigned tasks
  • May perform other duties as assigned or requested


  • Self-directed minimal supervision required
  • Exceptional oral and written communication skills
  • People management and team-building abilities
  • Ability to Prioritize, Plan and Execute
  • Creativity, self-confidence and flexibility
  • Sensitive to the dynamic interplay that occurs between systems and clients
  • Critical Thinking and Analytical Skills
  • Outstanding oral and written communication skills required.
  • Outstanding customer service skills, including the ability to interact with all types and skill levels of individuals
  • Willingness to travel (required) with potential for extended-stay assignments away from home location
  • Maintain courteous, professional and effective working relationships with employees at all levels of the organization.


  • Operational experience with EMR / EHR system(s)
  • Bachelor’s Degree required
  • Previous experience with workflow analysis/documentation, end-user training/support and system testing
  • Experience with instructional design and curriculum/training material development
  • 2+ years experience with EMR / EHR system assisting with system implementation and support required
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office & Outlook.

Experience working with computer networks and software development preferred.

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