Medical Marketing – Work Towards Changing The Stigma

Doctors and Medical Marketing via Social MediaHealthcare Marketing Strategy

In the past, the word “marketing” has been somewhat of a murky word in the healthcare field. Many physicians may have pictured themselves as playing the role of “salesmen” or the persona of their practice being turning into a late night television infomercial.

In today’s world, the entire situation has taken a 180 degree turn. With nearly everyone in the world having access to various social networking sites, the healthcare industry has incorporated social media as their healthcare marketing strategy. In fact, the healthcare industry is one of the top industries gaining more and more audience members. So, how can you ramp up your medical marketing to attract more patients?

Develop Your Healthcare Marketing Strategy

Ask yourself what it is that you wish to accomplish by using online marketing. Do you want to reach out to more doctors with similar expertise, helping to increase your referral base? Do you want a stronger presence in your local community? Another important consideration is whether or not you have the time to truly be involved in consistent online marketing. Who will be creating and approving the content? Will you be forming a marketing team specifically for online marketing, or hiring a trusted company to help?

Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks to drastically increase your patient base, create a brand loyalty that will keep your patients coming back, and entice those patients to let others know about their amazing experience with you.

  1. Build an attractive, informative website: A website that looks dated can create a negative view on your overall practice. Online presence is so important, it almost says to the patient “if their practice website is unorganized or unprofessional, is their office and staff also unorganized and unprofessional?” Your website should be a treasure trove of information for patients, so they can come to your office informed and can ask the correct questions. If your patients repeatedly go to your website for information, it keeps your medical practice at the top of their mind, and also establishes your practice as a reliable resource.
  2. Increase visibility and credibility through outreach and Public Relations: When your medical practice appears in media outlets in a positive light, it allows patients to see that they have the opportunity to be cared for by some of the best, most compassionate doctors in the industry. Building relationships with Public Relations outlets is also very important, as it becomes a greater possibility that they will post industry influencing articles about your medical practice.
  3. Create engaging content via blogging: Write about relevant, informative, interesting topics that will attract your readers, hold their interest, and have them return to read more. Additionally, write blogs that your readers will want to share with friends and family. Make sure that you maintain your blog on a regular basis. Involve others to help with, or even write content, and credit the author.
  4. Social Media Marketing: There are so many channels for social marketing, it can become overwhelming. There is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus, and the list goes on. My favorites for medical marketing are Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Facebook and LinkedIn both allow you to connect to patients, as well as other doctors with similar expertise. Twitter is a great tool for concisely letting others know about updates about your practice, specials you may be running, or general updates in the field of healthcare. Both are perfect for linking to archived email newsletters for those that may not yet be subscribed.
  5. Design an attractive newsletter to really connect with your patients: This is a great way to keep your patients engaged in your practice, keep you at the top of their mind and be more conscious of their own well-being. In fact, I wrote an entire blog dedicated to only this one marketing tool. You can check it out here.

Remember that medical marketing is not simple, and requires a substantial investment of time and effort. Although very effective, there is no guarantee that you will have the exact effect you may have envisioned. You must weigh the cost benefits of planning and strategizing in-house, or hiring a company that has proven themselves in the industry to help you in the most creative and consistent way possible.

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