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Healthcare marketing to today's patients

Healthcare marketing is more important today than ever before.

Did you know?

73% of patients search for medical information online before or after doctor’s visits, according to HealthCare New Media Conference.

Patients today are well educated and very much aware of every new development in the field of medicine. As a medical practitioner, it is important to market yourself and your practice in such a way that your patients feel confident and trust your capabilities. Only then, you can ensure that your current patients will continue to visit and increase your referral rate.


Consumer-driven healthcare

Today's patients are looking for superior service and are willing to go the extra mile if a provider is proven to be an expert in their field. It is essential for a practice to develop a marketing plan that will attract today's healthcare consumer by highlighting expertise, convenience, and patient experience.

We’ll Help You Build Brand Recognition

Our team of experts will assist you in developing a creative vision for your practice.  We will provide you with consultation that focuses on your brand identity and fosters a cohesive image for your practice. Our collaboration will encourage growth and give you the competitive edge needed in today's market.

How Health Prime International Can Help Your Practice


We will help you identify the needs of your patients and your community to deveolop a marketing plan focused on your vision, goals, and the steps necessary to achieve them. We offer various innovative marketing solutions to help you build your practice and sustain a healthy patient population.

Door-to-Door Marketing

Our newest service has proven to be highly effective in increasing referrals.

Making yourself known to local providers can greatly increase the number of referrals you receive. We will coordinate meet and greets to foster the opportunity for providers to connect and develop their local healthcare community.

The Bottom Line


Your practice is not just a practice – it is also a business which you need to market well to earn revenue and make profits. More importantly, your patients should know that their well-being is what you value the most, and Health Prime International will help you achieve that goal.

Together, we can be sure that high quality healthcare and proper service is consistently available to your patients, whenever they need it. Great healthcare marketing will ensure that your patients know what your services are, where you are located, but most importantly, who you are.

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