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Assistance with practice decision making, organizational development, practice implementation and workflow efficiency

Electronic documentation is no longer a way of the future, it's the now.

We help implement Meaningful Use Certified systems that allow your practice to realize the efficiencies of electronic documentation while achieving quality and population health incentives.

Let us help you improve your electronic health records experience

PrimeEHR provides your practice with personal consultation to enhance your use of electronic health records by creating seamless workflow and improved organization.

PrimeEHR - Shared Provider Information

Provider Shared Information

PrimeEHR - Decision Making Tools

Decision Making Tools

PrimeEHR - Complete Medical History

Complete Medical History

What Do Electronic Health Records Encompass?

Electronic Health Records is the digitization of patient information, providing the ability to store and access charts electronically.


Electronic Health Records include features such as:

  • Data sharing
  • Decision-making tools such as patient alerts, clinical decision support, and clinical quality measures
  • Complete medical history - Radiology reports, treatment plans, lab results, and medication history

What Benefits Does An EHR System Offer?


Accuracy - Built-in data validation.
Coordination - Seamless data sharing between providers.
Better care - The patient's story at your fingertips.
Efficiency - Eliminate laborious organization of paper charts.
Lower overall costs - Meet government incentives and avoid penalties.
Privacy - HIPAA compliant confidentiality.
Security - Restricted authorized access with traceable audit logs.

Why PrimeEHR?

We provide you with a team of subject matter experts that bring intuitive and innovative experience to the table. It will be our pleasure to collaborate with you and your staff to develop a solution that best fits your needs. Whether you're looking to adopt or looking to improve, we can help!

Vendor Independent

One of the biggest advantages of PrimeEHR is that we are not affiliated with any specific vendor or software. Instead, we’re able to work directly with you to choose the best solution for your practice.


Here are some of the choices we can help you make:

  • Acquisition decisions (purchase vs. ASP)
  • Network design
  • Hardware selection
  • Software vendor selection
  • Implementation schedule

We can also help you with your existing environment. If you have a system already in place, we are able to help you improve your current practices.

True Staff Engagement

We understand that a system is only as valuable as the people that use it. Keeping this in mind, we make sure that your staff is properly trained and engaged throughout implementation. Our team specializes in conveying the importance of properly utilizing electronic health records in a medical environment. Your office will reap the benefits of our passion.


Here’s what our process looks like.


Continued Premier Support

We know how critical quality support is, that’s why PrimeEHR includes post-go-live assistance. Our Support team stays abreast of the ever-evolving healthcare laws, regulations, and technological advancements. They are here to offer you consistent, reliable support and training for you and your staff.

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