PrimeRevenue: Revenue Cycle Management Services

Designed to support physicians with managing the back office functions of billing and collections

The healthcare industry is increasingly competitive

We understand the complexities that are encountered in medical billing. We want you to be focused on providing exceptional care and creating value for your practice. Time spent chasing payments and managing your billing cycle is time wasted. Hiring an in-house medical biller can be impractical and too expensive.

There is a better way.

This is where PrimeRevenue comes in: carefully monitoring and controlling every aspect of your Revenue Cycle Management.

Our Take on Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management covers everything that results in you getting paid. It starts from the first time a patient connects with your office, before their first visit, and ends when the payment posts.

It might seem like a simple process, but imagine how much time your practice could be saving by improving this process.

The solution is PrimeRevenue, our unique 8 step Revenue Cycle Management process.

What does PrimeRevenue include?

Everything you need in one convenient package. Here’s what you can look forward to:

Pre-Visit Administration

Many billing cycle problems can be resolved before the patient ever receives care. PrimeRevenue includes thorough training on pre-visit procedures and the tools to implement them. You will be able to easily:

  • Register patients
  • Enter demographic information
  • Verify insurance information
  • Verify and schedule appointments
  • Clearly explain payment policies and procedures

Improved Billing and Collections

Our system improves the billing and collections process from claims submission to final reimbursement. Here’s how:

  • Each claim is scrubbed to ensure accuracy
  • After submission, each claim is meticulously monitored
  • Denials carefully reviewed and appealed, if necessary
  • Underpayments are identified, addressed, and resolved
  • Payments posted within 24 hours of receipt
  • Preferred collections agency is provided

Improved Communications

In order for your practice to be successful, your staff must be able to easily communicate and work together. Our solution provides you with:

  • Online document storage
  • EOBs, super bills, and other documents are always accessible
  • Ticket management system with the ability to assign tasks and monitor open tickets
  • Clear audit trail

Detailed Reporting

A variety of daily, weekly, and monthly reports are available to help drive future strategy. You will have a team designated to assist you with reviewing these reports.

Our reports include:

  • Key Performance Indicators for your practice
  • Key Performance Indicators for your billing and collections
  • Staff and Communications reporting

What Benefits Can You Expect?

More profit

You’ll be paid quicker and coding rules will be handled automatically. With an easy way to appeal denials, your overall claims will increase profit.

Less administrative work

Everything is automated and checked for errors immediately. Your practice is kept up-to-date on the latest changes automatically. This all adds up to a significantly reduced workload on your employees and yourself.

Streamlined patient flow

In the end, the most important thing is the care you provide your patients. An efficient office enhances the patient’s experience. Validating patient and claim information leads to a more accurate billing cycle. Satisfied patients are more apt to return and refer, meaning increased revenue for your practice.

With PrimeRevenue, we will help you manage your entire billing cycle, hassle-free.

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