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Our transcription service allows you to reduce costs and improve the quality of documentation. Outsourcing your transcription is highly cost-effective and many of our clients have seen up to 40% in savings!

  • Dictate from anywhere
  • Use a handheld digital recorder, or phone-in your dictation
  • 24-48 hour transcription turnaround
  • 24/7 access to our secure system


What sets us apart?

Our dedicated Quality Control Department which oversees all aspects of our medical transcription process. Our proprietary 3 level Quality Assurance includes review by a physician, to ensure accuracy of every transcription before delivery. The result? A high quality transcribed report with an accuracy rate of 99.5%.

Additionally, any STAT reports can be sent directly to another physician’s office, hospital, emergency room, or other place of care. On-call assistance for record retrieval is available 24/7.

Best of all, our unique 3 level QA transcription prices are competitively priced on a per line basis.

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